Life Drawing in Aude, France

Jane Ashdown, Life Drawing in Aude

Jane Down Life Drawing

Jane Ashdown is a regular attendee of life drawing classes in Esperaza, Aude.

Aude artist

"I have done life drawing since art college, whenever I find the opportunity. I love the process of drawing and find life drawing challenging and demanding. Each model brings their own energy and style of pose so I have to start afresh each session and find a way in to the drawing.

I find it a very focused activity – there is a sense of urgency when working against the clock. As most of the poses are relatively short I rarely have a finished drawing that I want to do anything more with – I tend to use the time to explore different ways of looking and drawing. I like the freedom this gives me. Sometimes it gives me ideas for my other work and sometimes what I am doing in my other work influences what I do in life class."

Jane Ashdown

Human figure

Abstract art

Croched figure

Art by Jane Ashdown, artist in Aude, Languedoc Roussillon

France nude art

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