Life Drawing in Aude, France

Life Drawing for Vanilla Beer

Vanilla Beer comments on figure drawing in Aude.

"I don’t want to record, impersonate, copy the model.

I want to have a drawing done - within a very fixed time limit - that I’ve never seen before.

I want it to lead me rather than for me to dictate to it.

I want a comfortable collaboration not only with the model but with my collegues and the space we work in.

I hope for an unpredictable outcome which can in turn inform my other work.

To this end I use materials I can't quite control. Sometimes several pencils at once, or materials that don't behave – wax, which can’t be seen until washed with ink, or a point that leaves no mark except on a carbon underpaper – anything to disturb the easy facility to duplicate the known."

Model on chair


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