Life Drawing in Aude, France

Dessins de Nu - Art - Katrina Head

Katrina Head comments on life drawing in Esperaza / Dessins de Vie.

"I can find the act of drawing totally absorbing, so that is why I go to the life drawing. Life drawing on its own can have the opposite effect as well, and be so frustrating. Working with this group is great because you can feel the concentration and sometimes it feels like a team effort. This includes some models whose enthusiasm is catching!

I feel each model offers something different, not only figure wise but emotionally as well and we have many good models to choose from. I started life drawing at school and believe me, it was a long time ago, but I am still trying to get it right. Some drawings get framed and sold and some are used in other paintings as reference. I enjoy working on portraits too, which is useful when it is too cold for the nude."



Life drawing nude

Katrina Head


Back of model

Sitting pose

Life drawing in France

dessins de nu Aude