Life Drawing in Aude, France

Allison Carmichael, Artist

Figurative Figurative 2 of 3

Figurative 3 of 3

Allison Carmichael's thoughts on life drawing classes in Languedoc Roussillon, South France.

"I love life drawing because it is my sacred space, it offers me the
opportunity to practice seeing and creating what I see as I see it.
In the atmosphere of concentration I feel alone amongst other artists,
all experiencing their own process. I think the sound of other
artists working gives life drawing its hushed reverence.

My favourite models are the dynamic ones. It is great to have a model
who understands that by twisting their body or by foreshortening
themselves they offer a more interesting subject. It's great when they
suggest poses and the poses are dynamic and considered.

I feel like life drawing is my artistic workout, I certainly couldn’t
keep artistically fit without it.

I’ve been life drawing from the age of thirteen, jeez that means
I’ve been at it for thirty two years!"

Allison Carmichael


10 minute sketch

2 minute life drawing sketch

20 mins sketch


Figurative work


Artist's model


Class in Aude, Esperaza


Female figure

Figurative work

Sleeping nude

You can see more of Allison's work on her website, French art and graphic design. Allison also creates and promotes websites for artists through Drupal Website Designer.